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Thousands of boards shaped by his hands and hundreds of podiums using his boards, so one can  safely call him the “World Champion of Shape”. Just don’t let titles mislead you: Peter’s designs are not exclusively for Pros. Windsurfers of all levels can enjoy the thrill of sailing a real Thommen.

CUSTOM – Haute Couture!

Are you looking for a personalized design? Can’t find your board in the MASTER SERIES? Peter is happy to design and build your personal board in collaboration with Flikkaboards in Slovenia. Each board’s design and construction will be precisely tailored to customer specific needs and wants. We use advanced CAD software, cutting-edge CNC machines and the best available materials and – last but certainly not least – expert craftsmanship to create your dream board that will stand the tooth of time, a good custom board never goes out of fashion!

MASTER SERIES – Prêt-à-Porter!

A compact range of Thommen signature shapes. The result of Peter’s lifetime experience, the input of T1 product manager Mark Thoms and feedback of our team. All tested and proven. The “Can’t-Go-Wrong” choice for most windsurfers. Although the basic shape is outlined, there’s still some room for customizing your next board. A few liters more or less. A special paint job. No problem, everything is possible yet adds to the total.


The Planing Miracle.

This is it. Recreational windsurfing revisited. Effortless planning in the lightest of breezes. Super smooth, yet remarkably quick, responsive and maneuverable. No need for huge, high priced professional-grade racing sails, any freeride or freemove sail will do although we can highly recommend the brand new Morpho 6.9-7.6-8.4 or Ezzy’s Cheetah 7.0-7.5-8.0-8.5!


There’s no ‘power hump’ to overcome. A specific Thommen golden area rocker line and a vee-to-quad-concave bottom shape make for a gradual transition from gliding to planning and iron out chop like nothing else. Yet, unlike other “special light wind” boards, the Gleitwunder is efficient and remains truly fun to sail when the wind picks up. The super thin hull concept, combined with a ‘step rail’ design, is forgiving and promoting easy control for all levels of sailors, from beginner to expert.


Cruising around the bay? Anytime, any conditions. Carving jibes? No problem. Playing in open ocean swells? Bring it on. Chasing your buddies around the course? Hell, why not.


The GWR is designed with a tri-fin setup. As a standard, there’s a carbon Power- or Tuttlebox in the rear and two carbon Slotboxes  in front. K4’s Thommen co-develeopment shallow water fin, the TIDE, comes in either 28, 30 or 32cm in the rear plus two K4 Rockets in 12 or 13 in front. Four WindGear footstraps complete the package.


Should you wish to upgrade your GWR with the legendary GT-9 fin from GASOIL fins, there’s an additional charge of €235 for a full carbon fin (40cm max and Tuttle or Deep Tuttle only!) instead of the K4 set. A set of blankers to cover your empty slotboxes is provided with every GWR!


As the Gleitwunder is an ideal foiling platform, you can also order it with a Foilbox (specially reinforced Deep Tuttle Box and additional footstrap inserts). For this option add only €150.


Gleitwunder. Producer of happy faces.

XS 125 250 72 46,4 12,3
S 135 257 78 49,5 11,8
M 145 255 80 50,3 12,4
L 165 265 84 51,8 13,3
XL 185 265 86 53,8 14

The world crossover.

Better speed, tighter turns, more thrills. The CROSS-R is the new improved version of the original T1 Cross-X, a globally recognized benchmark for ‘wave-slalom’ boards. The modern slightly wider and shorter shape improved planning performance. Insane acceleration, blistering speed and precision control remain prime ingredients. Slalom speed with wave board like handling. ‘Ultra Thin Rails’ guarantee precision control in all your turns with superior grip making the CROSS-R the ultimate carving machine.


The CROSS-R comes standard with either 3 or 4 complimentary WiNDgear footstraps, depending on you choosing the free-ride or free-slalom configuration. A carbon powerbox is fitted with a complimentary K4 FANG freeride fin in 30, 32, 34 or 36 cm.


Should you wish to upgrade your CROSS-R with the legendary GT-9 fin from GASOIL fins, there’s an additional charge of €235 for a full carbon fin (35cm max in Powerbox or up to 40cm in Tuttlebox) instead of the K4 set. A set of blankers to cover your empty slotboxes is provided with every CROSS-R!


 The CROSS-R works best with no-cam or mini-cam sails. We recommend sails ranging from 5.0 to 7.5 sqm. The sweet spot lays around 6.0-6.5. Among our personal favorites: MORPHO 5.7-6.3-6.9 and Ezzy Cheetah 6.0/6.5/7.0.

87 232 60,5 39 11,1
97 232 63,5 41,2 11,7
107 235 65 42 12,7
110 235 65,5 42,6 12,8
114 236,5 67,5 44,4 12,9
117 240 68 44,6 12,9
121 242 68,5 45 13,1
Free as a wave.

A new T1 development. A new toy for all waves, all spots, all winds. The F-WAVE is fairly easy to sail and performs in all conditions. A combination of a fast CROSS-R inspired rocker with a WAVE-R like maneuver oriented outline. The fast rocker delivers excellent planning performance and speed. The moderately short rounded outline with its kink between the straps and its swallow tail underline the board’s desire to shred waves. Our new ‘Medium Thin Rails’ offer sufficient float and superb control and grip in carving turns. The F-WAVE is a prime choice light wind wave board for guys & gals.


 The F-WAVE is designed with a tri-fin configuration in mind, yet performs perfectly as a single fin too. Set it up according to prevailing conditions and your preferences. As a standard there are a full carbon US box in the tail with two carbon Slotbox 100 mounted with a slight toe-in. The F-WAVE comes with a complimentary K4 Rocket set, a 17.5 in the tail and two 13’s in front and – of course – three super snug WiNDgear footstraps


The F-WAVE works with a wide variety of wave sails: 5 or 4 batten, full or flat. On the bigger F-WAVE’s we very much like the 4 batten powerhouse from MORPHO in 5.3+5.7 and EZZY’s brand new Zeta in 5.5/5.8/6.4/6.8!

95 232 61,5 40,5 12,5
101 232 64 41,6 12,8
106 233 65,5 42,5 13
111 236 66 43 13,1
114 238 66,5 43,4 13,2
116 238 66,5 43,4 13,6
120 240 67,5 44,4 13,5
The Globe is your playground.

The MauiWaveX reinvented. Featuring a new slightly wider/shorter body shape with ‘Ultra Thin Rails’, refined rockerline and a sweet looking ‘Swallow Tail’. Certainly one of the best all-round wave shapes on the market. The G-WAVE is surprisingly quick to a plane, sails relatively fast , feels nimble and lose, yet is always predictable and easy to control. Equally at home in all waves and winds, the G-WAVE is also a masterblaster on big lakes and loves to play in wind-swells. The easy of control is mind blowing, making it the board of choice for those days when men are separated from the boys!


The G-WAVE works with any world wide wave sail; new or older profiles. We can highly recommend the new Ezzy Zeta and 4.2-5.3 MORPHO’s. Each board size is designed to work from 5.3 down to 3.7.


The G-WAVE is designed to work with a thruster set-up in mind to emphasize looseness and maneuverability. Yet, honoring its heritage, it also works perfectly as a classic single fin board. Standard complimentary fittings are a K4 Stubby 20/21/22 in the rear and two K4 Ezzy’s 8/10 in front. The G-WAVE is equipped with three WiNDgear Snug footstraps, giving foot comfort another dimension!

79 228 57,5 35 11,2
82 229 58 35,3 11,3
85 229 58,5 35,5 11,8
89 230 59 36 12
92 230 59,5 36,5 12,4
95 230 60,5 37,5 12,8
100 232 61 38,5 13
The wave radical.

The all new WAVE-R opens the door to a new style of wavesailing. Step on and lift your performance to new levels. Turn tighter. Hit the lip harder. Rotate faster. The WAVE-R is a real confidence booster. Give it all you’ve got and you will come out projected with precision and power to spare. A blend of Snow/Skate/Surf-Style best describes how the WAVE-R sails. At its best in small to logo high waves. The WAVE-R features a modern short, moderately wide stubby shape. The contour deck couples enough volume to keep you going in the surf with ‘Medium Thin Rails’ for insane grip in the tightest of turns.


The WAVE-R is designed around a tri-fin configuration. Standard equipment are K4’s Flexy 16/17/18 in the rear and two K4 Ezzy 8/10/12 in a two degree angle in front. Three Snug WiNDgear straps will keep your feet planted in all situations.


To unleash the full potential of the WAVE-R you need modern four or three batten providing ample forward pull with a tad of downforce. Trust us: You’ll be unhappy otherwise. We recommend Morpho’s 3.4-4.7, Simmer Blacktip and Ezzy Elite. Purists may even take it one step further with three batten sails like the Ezzy Taka. Ideal sail size range from 5.0 down to 3.4, there’s no need for anything bigger as the WAVE-R planes up amazingly quick for such a short board.


To offer you a clear overview we’ve comprised the range to 6 models, please note that smaller, in between and bigger sizes are possible.


72 220 57 36 10,5
78 221 58 37 11,2
83 222 59 37,5 11,8
89 223 60 38 12,3
95 224 61 39 13
101 228 62 39,5 13,4
Paddling AND sailing.

No wind? No problem. Just a breeze? No problem. Frustrated sitting on the beach? Not anymore. Our new W-SUP drastically increases your time on the water. Now you can take advantage of all the waves rolling in. The full width outline makes the W-SUP stable and easy to paddle. The bottom accelerates water flow through a single concave front and mid-section and releases on a subtle spiral-vee in the tail. We adjusted our Surf-SUP rocker line to provide some more lift and support to compensate the different weight distribution when the board is used with a sail. The same motivated to widen the outline a notch in the standing area. Yet, the W-SUP is designed as a gliding hull:The board performs flawlessly paddling and surfing and feels just like a short board.


The W-SUP is designed with different fin set-ups in mind to give you all the choices to tune it to your conditions and preferences. For pure wave SUP surfing you can either choose a quad or a thruster set while we recommend a 2+1 fin configuration for most sailing. It will help with some additional drive and directional stability. Four homemade Slotboxes are fitted as the standard box-system and is completed by a single US-box in the rear.


SUP sailing is best with light and easy handling sails. Since getting up to a plane and blast around is not the objective, even in very light winds your regular wave sail will do just fine gliding you out to the waves and providing leverage and power for your surfing.

8'0"/243.8 cm 29"/73.6 cm 4.1"/10.4 cm 17.75"/44.9 cm 110 L
8'4"/254.0 cm 30"/76.2 cm 4.0"/10.1 cm 18.00"/45.8 cm 120 L
8.8"/264.1 cm 31"/78.7 cm 4.4"/11.1 cm 18.5"/47.0 cm 135 L
9'2"/279.4 cm 31.5"/80.0 cm 4.3"/10.9 cm 18.5"/46.9 cm 145 L
Let’s go surfing now.

The SUP-R is our dedicated Surf Stand-up Paddle board. No compromise has been made to accommodate a sail. Paddling and surfing only. The SUP-R paddles easily: A full template outline through the mid-section provides a stable power base, and a very smooth entry rocker promotes easy gliding and catching waves. Yet, the pulled in tail combined with continuous tail lift facilitates tight bottom turns and snappy off-the-tops. After take-off the SUP-R feels loose and snappy. All models are based on the same back section: Short board feeling guaranteed. Regardless of the size you choose. It’s a more or less drawn out front section that makes for the difference – not only in length but in stability, volume and ease of use, too.


The SUP-R is designed around multiple fin set-ups: It can be set-up as a quad for increased maneuverability, as a true thruster or even as a 2+1 when more directional stability is desired. Future boxes are the standard box system on the SUP-R. Different systems are available upon request. The super light and durable full sandwich construction further enhances the outstanding performance of the board.

8'0"/243.8 cm 29"/73.6 cm 3.9"/9.9 cm 3.9"/9.9 cm 110 L
8'4"/254.0 cm 30"/76.2 cm 4.0"/10.1 cm 18.50"/47.0 cm 120 L
8.8"/264.1 cm 31"/78.7 cm 4.2"/10.7 cm 18.75"/47.6 cm 135 L
9'2"/279.4 cm 31.5"/80.0 cm 4.2"/10.7 cm 19.00"/48.2 cm 145 L



Thommen Custom Sailboards are built at Flikkaboards in Slovenia and as our manufacturer of choice we assure you they maintain the highest standard building them.





There’s 5 ways to build your new lover.

Best combination of strength, impact resistance and price. Combination of S-glass, biaxial carbon and Dyneema fibers that are strategically positioned where their characteristics are most needed- X-carbon construction over standing area, dyneema nose and additional layer of s-glass on the rails. Built to last!







Full high-grade biaxial carbon bottom and deck. These boards are perfect for all who appreciate light,stiff and reactive carbon feeling. More fragile than Regular construction and weaker because of high stiffness. Ideal for those searching for super early planning waveriding oriented board that will be handled with care.







Full biaxial carbon deck combined with s-glass and unidirectional carbon bottom. Super strong carbon board that can take some big jumps and flat landings. Stronger than Regular construction, but more fragile to impact than Regular or Dyneema.







T1 CUSTOM 2019
(per 1/10/18)
WAVE-R (<100L) G-WAVE (<100L) F-WAVE (>100L) CROSS-R (>100L) 4WD (>100L) GLEIT-WR FOIL-WR W-SUP SUP-R
REGULAR € 2250 € 2250 € 2450 € 2450 € 2450 € 2550 € 2550 € 1850 € 1850
UL-CARBON € 2550 € 2550 € 2550 € 2650 € 2650
HC-CARBON € 2350 € 2350 € 2550
FOIL-box € 100 std
optional Morpho/K4 set € 100 € 100 € 100 € 100 € 100 € 100 € 100 € 100
optional GASOIL* € 250 € 250
optional Morpho Carbon / Alu Foil € 1500 € 1500

*Gasoil GT-9 fin up to 40cm

prices & products subject to alteration without prior notice!




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